Some Tips On Fast Programs In Cocktail Dresses

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You may even need to replace it entirely, spending additional money unnecessarily. "A good blazer, if you take care of it, can เสื้อผ้าเด็กอ่อน last you years," the expert says. "Plus, you can wear a blazer with literally anything: Over a dress, with trousers or jeans, and with a T-shirt or blouse under it." Here are Yannetta's 5 tips for finding a great work blazer: Make sure the sleeves are not too long. Having long sleeves is a "dead giveaway" that a blazer is cheap and doesn't fit you well, she says. Pay attention to the way the blazer sits on your shoulders. Make sure it's not too puffy or large. Look for stiff material, it looks more expensive and will usually fit you better. Shop for one in a "neutral" work color such as black, navy blue or gray so that you can wear it with many different pants. If you can afford it, have it tailored. "A blazer becomes the focal point of the outfit, so having a good one one that fits really well, is flattering, and a nice neutral color is key," she says. If you're working on a budget, she recommends shopping around holidays like Christmas or July 4th.

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