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Can wine, yoga, storytelling lure shoppers back to stores?

Nordstrom Local is the company Start your day with the news you need from the Bay Area and beyond. Sign up for our new Morning Report newsletter . Meanwhile, retailers elsewhere go begging for customers, even at the height of the holiday shopping season. Why? Because so many of us would rather have oral surgery than set foot in an actual store anymore. Shechtman, 40, may have discovered the antidote to this aversion. “People are yearning and desiring of experience,” she says, nailing a salient truth about the millennial generation. (Well, every generation, to be honest.) “The idea is that you tell stories through merchandise curation and event promotion.” Story holds try this web-site yoga and cooking classes, and dozens of DIY workshops. In early December, style icon Iris Apfel held her sixth trunk show at the store. It’s a destination, a hit on social media, a hub that extends well beyond the neighborhood. Shopping there feels exclusive and special, and not like something that you can replicate at home.

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