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red squirrel Those saved acorns grow into oak trees, with more acorns. "The point is that saving doesn't mean you can't enjoy things in life," says Mr Gardner. "But it's about budgeting. You get 10 and bank two. That two is what will help you in the future." Image copyright Ikemedia Image caption Robert Gardner believes most people can save tens of thousands of pounds So how does this acorn philosophy work in practice? Stop buying, for example, one cup of takeaway coffee every day, he recommends. Save that 2.50, and invest it in the government's new Lifetime Isa , which is due to launch in April 2017. If you invest it in shares, rather than cash, it could grow by as much as 5% a year. The government will also add 25% to each annual investment you make. Taking into account the effects of compound interest, if you keep up the savings every day between the ages of 18 and 40, you could end up with as much as 60,000, he claims. The only catch is that you would have to spend that money on a house or flat, or save it until you are 60.

This option might not be ideal for all the people on your list, unless you have a very techno-savvy grandma, but if you have a number of people on your list of invitees that are comfortable using the Internet you can seriously consider this as a way to cut the cost of your engagement party invitations. It's just too much of a paradigm shift to expect of us. Pick up a bandeau or Bardot-style party dress to give yourself a bit of oomph, but keep the rest of the look simple to show off your tanned shoulders. I bought this because I have a lot of sheer tops and needed something under them. Rebeccamealey - Yes, I've written a 1940s theme party hub too, along with every other decade from the ชุดนอนน่ารัก ราคา 20s to the 60s. What style you choose to set your maxi dress up for depends heavily on the accessories you choose. I think a woman especially full figured women look very sexy in them.Whenever my girlfriend and me are going to get intimate later in the evening she makes sure she wears them just for me.I like to wear lingerie and let it show only a little, be it bra straps or lace from the panties. We have slowly and certainly allowed the male to become a boring accessory only allowed to dress up on specific occassions: graduations, weddings and funerals - typically their own only.I love my panties and wear them everyday, I don't posess any mens underwear even wear them to the doctor.I dress fully female under my mens clothes and people don't notice because they are not expecting a man to be wearing love it and don't think I can ever go back to wearing mens boring tighty up the great hub.